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These are promotions that every new player can get from the very beginning. You get free funds and the ability to test and compare legal bookmakers. Should you use such bonuses? Not every bonus is worth paying attention to, some go to the masses, and the offered prizes are not worth the candle. However, in this case, the answer is no doubt – yes! Bookmaker checkout is a great option to start your betting adventure. The player does not risk anything – he does not make any payments to the account in the bookmaker’s office, he does not take any commissions for opening an account or for keeping it.

Can I request a free bonus from multiple bookmakers?

It is possible, even desirable! One bookmaker is a competition for another. They care as much about their customers as they do about banks that excel at offering the best stocks, interest rates, and more. Bookmakers want to convince the client by attracting, among other things, bonuses.

Are there any bonuses for free bets?

The no deposit cash register is never withdrawn without any action on the part of the player. The purpose of the bonus – from the bookmaker’s point of view – is to attract the player to play at home on a regular basis, so it imposes a turnover condition on the available funds. Sounds honest, doesn’t sound like a catch, does it? In the end, we don’t lose anything … as long as we don’t pay anything!


The best bonuses for betting

The growing competition in the bookmaker’s office, coupled with the growing popularity of betting among players, is forcing companies to carry out various types of promotional activities. Expansion of the offer, Parimatch welcome bonus, loyalty programs are just a few examples of actions aimed at convincing new users and retaining existing ones. Therefore, bookmakers do their best to win and retain the client. This is good news for players who can benefit from this by choosing different bonuses from different promotions. What specific bonuses are offered by operators? To find out about this problem, it will be necessary to compare the bookmaker’s bonuses offered on the market.

Bookmaker no deposit bonus for new players

The Free New Player Bonus is the most common type of promotions offered when placing sports betting. The bookmaker’s starter bonus is an offer that every professional legal bookmaker currently has. The starting bonus allows you to get extra money for your bets. This is the recommended solution for both professional players and amateurs. The former have the opportunity to test the offer, check the system or the withdrawal rate of the given bookmaker’s office, and people who have just tried their hand at betting can test their intuition and skills, test various gaming strategies, etc. It is important to note that each bookmaker offers its own free bonus, so nothing prevents you from creating an account with each of them and taking advantage of this promotion.

Sports Betting Bonuses to Get Started – Benefits and Benefits

Since most bettors do it not only for the excitement of the sport, but also for extra cash, the free start-up bonus is a great way to achieve these goals. This gives you the opportunity to win certain sums of money at a small (or even zero – in the case of no deposit bonuses) price. Bookmaker bets with a starting bonus are free additional capital to increase your chances of winning.

A bookmaker with a free Parimatch welcome bonuses is also a good opportunity to test the operator’s offer, as well as test their skills, especially for people who do not have much experience in the field of sports betting. It is common and natural to make mistakes at the beginning of your gameplay. In the event of a possible loss of money received as a starting bonus, this is not as painful as the loss of your own personal funds.

The benefits offered by Welcome bonus from Pari Match also include the fact that usually the conditions that must be met in order to receive additional funds are very simple. No deposit bookmaker promotions offer certain amounts for registration on the site, while in the case of other promotions, it is often enough to pay certain (low) amounts to receive up to several hundred in the form of bonuses.


Bonus bookmaker – what to look for when choosing a promotion to start?

The Free Start Bonus is a promotion (registration bonus) that almost every bookmaker currently offers. A deposit bonus, no deposit, no risk – such a wide range of various offers makes it difficult (especially for a beginner in the world of betting) to choose an offer for himself. So, what to look for when choosing the best bookmaker bonus?

First of all, it is important that the bookmaker offering a risk-free bet or no deposit bonus is completely legal. How can I check this? A legal bookmaker is a company that has a special license to operate, issued by the Ministry of Finance. An up-to-date list of these organizations can be found on government websites.

When comparing specific offers from operators, in order to highlight the best starting bonus, it is worth paying attention to the percentage of the deposit bonus that can be received, as well as the amount to which this percentage applies. The best welcome bonus will not necessarily be the maximum, but with the maximum percentage earned for our contribution.

The minimum bets for individual events in the coupon are also important, although they should not appear in every promotion. However, promotion rules often state that at least one event must have a minimum exchange rate.

Another element to look out for when choosing no deposit and other types of bonuses is the number of coupon encounters. What does it mean? For most starter bonuses, both AKO and single coupons are included in the turnover. However, some promotions only require a few coupons to complete the turnaround, for example a minimum of 3 events.

It is also important to check whether the turnover is required to comply with the conditions of the promotion, and if so, in what amount. A very popular type of starting bonus is one in which you need to make a certain number of spins (that is, just place bets for a certain amount) in order to withdraw the amount won. Sometimes the amount of the bonus and the deposit is traded, sometimes just a bonus.

A very important issue is also the maximum time for fulfilling the requirements of this promotion, that is, the period during which the bookmaker with the bonus forces us to fulfill the requirements for wagering the bonus at a certain time in order to receive the promised bonus. Usually this period is 30 days, although there are bookmaker promotions with a two-month or even six-month implementation period.


The presented elements are the most important and should be taken into account before deciding to open an account with a particular operator. In addition, it is always worthwhile to read in detail the additional instructions for this promotion, for example, with possible exceptions (for example, the inability to place LIVE bets) or restrictions, such as, for example, the maximum number of coupons per day included in the turnover.