PariMatch Verification

All the data you entered when registering with a bookmaker’s office can be verified for authenticity. This process is called verification and its main purpose is to exclude cheaters, minors, and other undesirable categories.

Quick verification at PariMatch

During the verification process, the bookmaker determines whether the data specified by the player during registration is true. By the way, document verification is a standard procedure for online gambling establishments. In the bookmaker’s rules, identity verification may also be referred to as Identification, Document Verification, Identity Verification.

How does verification at a bookmaker’s office work?

First of all, the PariMatch bookmaker checks the identity and age of the registered player against the provided passport data, as well as his age of majority. In addition, identity verification allows the bookmaker to prevent the creation of multi-accounts (when one player or group of players registers many accounts to themselves).

Bookmakers require a photocopy or scanned pages of your passport to verify your identity. Some bookmakers may even ask for a notarized copy of the passport, a photo of the player holding the passport, or request a Skype video call for an interview. In addition to your passport, you may also need to send a copy of another document, such as a driver’s license. The thoroughness of the verification depends on the number of funds to be withdrawn and whether BC has a suspicion of a particular player.

Identity verification is usually performed when a player makes his first withdrawal request, but can also be initiated later after some time. There are cases when betting companies do not conduct verification at all.

Pay attention! Some foreign bookmaker offices only accept documents in Latin script, so instead of an ordinary passport, you will need to send a copy or scan of your foreign passport or international driver’s license.

Usually, documents confirming your identity are enough to verify your account. However, some bookmakers may also verify your address. Address verification may be performed in one of the following ways:

  • Bank statement. To get one, you need to go to the bank where you have an account and ask for a bank statement, stamped and signed by an employee of the bank.
  • A utility bill. It should include the player’s full name and residential address.
  • Letter with a code. This method of address verification is used by bookmakers much less frequently than the previous two. A letter with a special code is sent to the address you specified when registering. To successfully pass the verification this code must be entered on the BC PariMatch website.

The time frame for account verification PariMatch

Here everything depends on the bookmaker, but the verification usually lasts 2-7 days. However, sometimes the process of account verification can last for a few weeks (or even months), in case of a serious suspicion to you from the side of the bookmaker.

Sometimes you can also wait – the main thing is to unblock your account and successfully withdraw money. We don’t focus on this point for nothing, because the check may not end up in the best way for you.

So, bookmakers may block your account on the results of verification without explaining the reasons. In this case, some betting companies will return your money from your account, and some will take the money for themselves.

Checking with pencil
PariMatch – good security and verification process

PariMatch verification instructions

Log in on the site of the office and go to “Account Settings” (on the top menu bar). Go to “Account details” and enter your mobile number. Click “Send code”. In the special field, enter the number from the SMS and select “Save”.

Download scans or color photos of documents:

  • Passport (first page + registration);
  • TIN;
  • Your passport photo and the spread on page A4 with the date written in capital letters and text “Identification for PariMatch”.

Click on Download. The verification will take not more than 30 minutes. Verify the validity of the data by checking the box. Select “Next. To make corrections, check the necessary item and select “Error in data”. It does not take more than half an hour for the corrections to be approved. You will be notified by email when the procedure is complete. You can replenish your balance and start playing the game at PariMatch.

To sum it up

Account verification is a mandatory procedure in all bookmakers’ offices. You should not be afraid of it, as all the reliable bookmakers value their reputation and keep all the data in an encrypted form, which ensures its safety. All fears about the illegal use of your personal information are absolutely unfounded – tens of thousands of people are checked at the bookmakers’ offices every day.

The main thing is to specify only your real data when registering, then you will have no problems with verification when working with reliable bookmakers, and you will be able to withdraw your money without any problems.