PariMatch mobile version

Betting from phone and laptop

In times of rapidly developing information technology, every bookmaker is obliged to match the level and provide their customers with a convenient Parimatch mobile app for betting.

Mobile betting is becoming more and more popular and over time may completely displace the desktop versions of bookmakers. Of course, there will still be professionals on computers and laptops, who in addition to the sites themselves use many third-party services to excel over bookmakers, but the percentage of such players is small.

Even a relatively modern smartphone and a SIM card with an Internet connection are all that is needed for Parimatch mobile version. And in this case, a lot of opportunities and advantages open up for the player.


Advantages of betting with a cell phone

Convenience. Cell phones are almost always at the fingertips of the modern man. With the help of a smartphone nowadays, not only calls are made, but also purchases are paid for. So why not bet on sports from your cell phone, sitting in front of the TV or right at the stadium?

Reliability. While internet on your phone used to be expensive and slow, that’s all changed now. Almost anywhere there is a network, phones with any carrier catch the Internet on a high-speed frequency. It’s easy to bet, even on the train or outdoors.

Speed. Betting from a cell phone is not only convenient and reliable, but also fast! Launching your laptop, opening the browser, entering your login Parimatch mobile version and password from the desired betting site takes a fair amount of time – about 5-10 minutes. From the phone the same thing can be done in 30-40 seconds.

Full function support. Previously, mobile applications of bookmakers were scarce and Parimatch mobile version of the site were developed as an alternative. Such versions did not always support all the functions offered by the bookmaker on its usual website, but with the advent of mobile applications, everything has changed. Through the app, you can watch video broadcasts, get information from interactive match centers, make cashout bets and so on. Sometimes it’s even more convenient to do this than through the website.

Mobile sports betting from your phone online allows you to bet faster at a bookmaker’s office using a mobile site or app. Technology is developing, so bookmakers are trying to create the most comfortable conditions for customers to play.

Make a bet, deposit or withdraw money – these and other operations can be performed via a smartphone. And if it is the bookmaker’s app, all actions are much faster than on the main resource or mobile portal.

It is better to play through sports betting apps, but not all bookmakers have them, which is surprising. The interface and other elements of the site are Parimatch mobile download with the program, so when the pages are loaded, only the information is updated, not all the content.

But almost all legal bookmakers have mobile versions of their sites. Due to the limitations of the phone, for example, the size of the display, the developers reduce the functionality available on the main portal: statistical section, broadcasts, registration procedure and so on. Mobile versions are an alternative to apps, because sometimes your favorite office does not offer a software for your gadget.

The mobile version of BK Parimatch – registration, support service, event search by name, deposit and withdrawal, some settings, such as changing the format of quotes, are available.


Tips for playing from a cell phone

When you’ve already selected and installed a mobile app on your smartphone, there are a few tips for betting from phones:

If you rarely bet from your cell phone, for example, only while watching a match live or on TV, it’s advisable to fund your betting account at the bk in advance so you don’t have to do it at the stadium.

Make a few small bets to figure out how the app will change them. Pay attention to the quick bet feature, which allows you to place a bet with a single click on the odds. Sometimes this can lead to an unpleasant situation where an unwanted bet is accepted.

Try to turn the presence at the stadium in your favor. Rarely, but it happens that the analytical center of the bookmaker’s office untimely corrects the score and odds, enough 10-20 seconds to make a profitable bet, knowing a little more than the office knows.

Keep enough battery power on your phone. It may happen that you want to cancel a bet or make an additional bet, in which case you definitely need a battery reserve on your smartphone.

Take your time. No matter how handy the Parimatch mobile Vietnam is, betting in it can be easy to make a mistake if you are in a hurry and inattentive. It’s all about the vertical and compact format of the app, which can be different from the usual horizontal format on the website. This can lead to betting on the wrong team, betting on the wrong set / time / period, etc.

Bets online

Mobile app description

The design of the application is made like the official website of the office. The interface is clear and accessible to everyone, so mastering the application will not be difficult even for beginners.

After downloading the application, it is necessary to register or log in, after which the user gets to the main page. Here you can read all the necessary information relating to betting and the policy of the bookmaker’s office.

Going to the website of this office, you can see there everything you need in order to easily make bets, and track the results. Thanks to the application, the players also have the opportunity to bet in live mode, watch the events that are happening now, evaluate the results.

The player can view the history of past bets, which made before. Special attention should be paid to the menu, which is responsible for sports statistics, because it helps to determine the best bet. The player has the ability to track the applications on his own, as he would be best.

The official site and the mobile application do not depend on each other in any way. If the site is undergoing technical work or there are problems, you can always visit the bookmaker’s office using the Parimatch mirror mobile version to freely continue betting.

What is available to users through the mobile application:

  • To go through the registration of the bookmaker’s office;
  • Open your account and identify it;
  • Make bets on pre-match and in-play sports;
  • View information about sports events online;
  • Deposit and withdraw money;
  • Add all interesting sports events to Favorites;
  • Bets history viewing is available;
  • To contact technical support.


After opening the application form, the user automatically enters the registration menu. If the player is not yet registered, he will need to fill in all the fields: Full name, date of birth, postal e-mail, come up with and enter a secure password.

The registration is successful after the user ties his account to his phone number. To do this, enter the phone number, receive an SMS, confirm the code received and tick the box, accepting the rules of gambling.

Users who have registered on the official site can log into the mobile application by entering only the account name and password.


How to bet?

Betting through the mobile application is simple enough. Choose the sports and tournaments you are interested in. Place your bets on the outcome you deem most probable by going to the respective betting slip.


Betting from your cell phone is very convenient, reliable and interesting! If you don’t bet once a year, but are seriously into betting, then you just have to have your bookmaker’s mobile app on your phone!

Your phone should only be used to process transactions and occasionally other transactions, such as deposits. Betting from a mobile device is an auxiliary tool, not the main one. From a computer it is easier to analyze an event, collect, study and compare a lot of data, watch the latest matches and Parimatch mobile review. From a smartphone it is possible, but it requires more time and is not as convenient as from a PC.

Mobile sports betting is a good choice for those who want to bet quickly and anywhere.