Online Cricket Betting

Unlike most other sports, cricket has a myriad of variations to the rules and even tournaments have multiple formats, so the rules can be difficult to work out for the novice player. Cricket stadium is an oval grass-covered pitch with two teams of 11 players each. The key roles are allocated to bowlers and batsmen.

The batsman bats the ball as far away as possible to run across the field before the bowler reaches the ball. In a way, the game resembles baseball. Basic cricket terminology includes:

  • Pitch – a rectangular shaped ground that a batsman has to run over after taking a hit.
  • Wickets – wooden structures on the edges of the pitch – destruction of the wickets knocks the batsmen out of the game.
  • Run – a run, a successful crossing of a pitch that scores a point.
  • Innings – a single point draw in a match.
  • Over – a series of six pitches followed by a change of bowlers on the field.

In cricket betting, it is important not only to understand the rules, but also to understand the specifics of tournaments, the format of which can vary considerably. Tournament formats and specifics of the rules can confuse the bettor, so it is important to understand the outcomes offered for the sport.

Outcome betting

The bettor guesses the outcome of the match – which team will win the meeting. A draw in cricket is impossible (except in tournaments of the first level), so the bettor has two options – the victory of the first or the second team. Experts recommend analysing head-to-head encounters to decide which way to go. Double odds can be placed on tier one events to cover the possibility of a draw.

Betting on totals

Cricket matches are long and there are plenty of different totals to choose from – you can bet on the total number of wickets in a match, or wickets for a spot in a game (5 or 10 overs). Totals are offered as total or individual totals – a poker player can evaluate the performance of each team.

Additional Bets

Often bettors choose to win or lose by handicapping a team with a handicap, either plus or minus. In cricket, it is possible to select a head-to-head handicap. In test matches bettors often bet on a zero handicap, insuring their result in case of a possible draw.

Special Bets

Cricket has many non-standard situations, which is why there are special cricket bets. For example, the bettor can bet on who will be the first to serve in a match (the outcome of the toss). Available bets on winning the first inning, and also separate bets on player statistics – who is recognized as the best pitcher and batter, etc.

Cricket betting strategies

Cricket betting website are advantageous for punters, primarily because the odds often do not reflect the actual balance of power. Huge crowds of fans choose to bet on their favorite teams regardless of the statistics, so over- or undervalued cricket odds are the norm.

Bettors are left to keep an eye on the stats and do their own event analysis. Cricket can be played in real time, as the odds often swing in one direction or the other as the game progresses, and bettors can make good money on this. Of the popular strategies that are used by punters, it is because of the overpriced odds.

What is the right way to bet on cricket?

Experts recommend playing cricket in the live mode. In this situation, you can safely analyze the course of the game, adding cricket betting throughout the match – the duration of games averaged about 5-6 hours (one-day matches) to 3-4 days (first level competition).

Cricket is a sport where scoops are commonplace, so a punter can pick up a good haul with a little understanding of the discipline. However, remember that most results are logical, and strong teams get wins.

Cricket Betting Features

Capers should focus on the following aspects of cricket:

  • Technique and skill play a key role in one-day matches, while if the match lasts 3-5 days, the stamina of the opponents comes to the fore.
  • Pay sufficient attention to statistics – at different periods of the season, teams and players may be in different forms.
  • Traveling teams has an effect on performance. Cricket teams are not used to frequent changes of climate, so when

Cricket bonuses for new players. Encouraged bonus offers – how much can you get?

Vietnam’s biggest bookmaker will promote a multitude of sporting events markets, from tennis, football and darts, rugby to cricket. Before you sign up with any of the bookmakers, make sure your favourite activity is linked to the bookmakers list. To welcome you, the operators come up with different types of bonuses. Choose that extra bonus incentive that suits your betting requirements. When betting on cricket at Parimatch, all the same bonuses apply to new players as they do for betting on any other sport.

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How do you get a sign-up bonus? It is enough to follow the instructions of the bookmaker’s office and not deviate from the rules for using the bonus. Let’s take a closer look at how to get a bonus at Parimatch, how to wager a bonus at Parimatch and why this promotion is noteworthy in general.

PariMatch bonuses are rewards from the bookmaker’s office, which can be used by every registered customer of the betting company. With the increasing popularity of online casinos and betting shops that provide the opportunity to bet on sports, the number of Parimatch clients has also increased. Like most betting platforms, the institution has its own bonus policy.

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First Deposit Bonuses Parimatch

First Deposit Bonuses Parimatch is a special type of bonus that is awarded to newcomers. To get the reward you need to register on the bookmaker’s website and also activate it at the time of the procedure. The reward is credited within three days, and absolutely all new clients of the company can claim it.

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Loyalty Program Pari+

The presence of the loyalty programme is direct proof that we are facing a solid institution with a well-developed system of player rewards. The accumulation of points allows you to exchange them for valuable prizes and free spins at a certain period of time. However, Parimatch has gone further and given its customers the opportunity to exchange their accumulated points for real money.

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How to win back a bonus at Parimatch

Anyone who has previously been familiar with the betting industry knows that behind every promotion there is a certain set of rules, in breach of which the user risks losing the institution’s “perks”. Often, newcomers encounter an unfamiliar concept in the rules – “wagering of promotional funds”.

Find data on all types of current rewards in a special section of the site – Lobby Casino. The number of points is updated automatically. In almost all of PariMatch bookmaker’s entertainment, 1 dollar sent to your game account equals 1 point. If you try to withdraw the bonus without fulfilling the wagering conditions, the system will block this attempt of financial transaction.

Betting on sports, including cricket betting, has long been a legal way to make money. All you have to do is register your account on the bookmaker’s platform and take advantage of all the system’s rewards. This earning option is quite reliable, as the institution is licensed by the Curacao Gambling Commission.