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Kabaddi League

Kabaddi features, rules and game play

Online Kabaddi betting is a fairly simple and popular contact sport. The rules of this game are generally very simple. Teams of seven are chosen and play on a large square-shaped field for two halves of 20 minutes each.

Members of each team take turns running through the center of the field and back. The more members of the opposing team the running player touches, the more points he scores. But the opposing team can prevent him from reaching their half of the field – in which case no points will be counted.

Markings and lines should be used to divide the field, that the field has been properly drawn. If you will be playing at home with friends at the amateur level, you can use only some elements of the markings as you wish.

Lines marking the boundaries of the field are drawn on the edges. Then you need to draw the lines of the playing area: they outline a square area of 13×8 meters, in the center of the field. A meter of empty space – is the separator of each half from the boundary of the area.

Middle line – this line is the center and divides the field into two halves. Each team has its own territory – a place on one side of the center line.

Edging lines. Such lines are parallel to the center line on both sides of it at a distance of almost four meters.

Bonus lines. These lines are located parallel to the edging lines one meter on the Kabaddi betting site.

Monetary investment in the development of the game made it even more famous, as well as slightly affected its rules. So, if before the players entered the field with a bare torso, now the form is mandatory. Sure, because it carries promotional information and sponsor logos.

Matches are regularly broadcast on television, gathering at the screens a huge number of fans.


The course of the game

Play should be played on a square field, perfectly flat and smooth. The length of this field should be 10 meters and its width should be 13 meters. These are the dimensions used in the official version of Kabaddi betting tips. If you decide to play just with your friends, you can take other sizes of the field. But remember that the pitch should be square, flat and open.

For women’s kabaddi teams, the dimensions are slightly smaller – 8 meters long and 12 meters wide.

Sometimes all team members take part in the duel, but in the classic version there are four on the field and three are the substitutes. To determine who attacks first, teams flip a coin.

The side that has to start the game sends one athlete to the center line. He is called the “tackler. His task is to touch the opponent(s) and escape to his/her own territory. Touching opponents can be hand or foot. At the same time he is obliged to shout the word “Kabaddi!” all the time, being on the opponents’ half of the field. If he doesn’t have enough breath and stops shouting, he has to come back with nothing and the point is awarded to his opponents. The opponents also receive a point if the player violated the order of “races”.

The one who does not attack is forced to defend. This can be done in two ways:

  • Not allowing himself to be touched.
  • Do not allow the “invader” to return to his half of the court.

The defense tactic is quite simple: you have to run away from the invader until he gets tired of yelling “Kabaddi!” and stops to catch his breath. In this case, the players of the team, on whose territory he is, get the right to grab him. The athletes may be grabbed only by the torso and limbs. The rest of the body, as well as hair and clothing are untouchable. An interesting nuance: if the caught grappler is still able to pull any limb through the middle line, he becomes free.

After the athlete has successfully returned to his/her team, the opponent’s player(s) he/she touched must leave the court. The game continues without them. If the attack is unsuccessful, the invader leaves the game, and the right to send a new one goes to the opponents.

Such “runs” are performed by players of both teams in turn. Between halves, athletes are given a break of 5 minutes, after which the opponents change sides of the court. Victory at the end of the game is won by the team with the advantage on points.

It may be noted that athletes may be excluded from teams not only if they are touched or caught. It is also possible for a number of other reasons:

The attacker or defender overstepped the boundaries of the playing field. The exception is intentional pushing – in this case the one who pushed him out of the game is eliminated.

The team makes three unsuccessful attacks. In this case, the third pusher leaves the floor area. The attack is considered successful if the runner was able to return to his half, even if he did not bring his team any points.


A defending player who was on the other half of the rink before his team was allowed to attack.

Removed players cannot be replaced by substitutes. That is, the national team continues the match with a smaller squad. Substitutions are provided only for athletes who are on the field.

In Kabaddi betting app, it is possible that the full team is eliminated from the game. In this case, their opponents get 2 points on top, in the language of the game this is called “Lona”. In this case, it does not matter for what reasons the removal of athletes occurred.

It should be noted that the game requires coordinated teamwork. On one person the outcome of the match does not depend not one bit. In addition, the game requires strength and endurance.

The task of the raider is to cross the overlap line. If he fails, he is eliminated from Kabaddi betting live. The raider needs to touch as many opponents as possible and then return to the middle before being tackled. He can siege opponents in a variety of ways: by touching their arm or toe, by kicking them, or by releasing them from the grip. The raider gets one point for each opponent, all of whom are eliminated from the game.

Defenders must prevent the raider from returning to the middle, especially if one of them is touched. They can hold their opponent’s legs, wrap their arms around his back, and simply push him off the court. If the raider is stopped, the defending team earns one point. When a player is ejected, he sits on the bench, but can still return to the court – for every point scored, the team can “revive” one of those who have already left the game.



The rules of the game allow athletes to wear short shorts and shirts. Loose clothing is not allowed. At League games, the jerseys of opposing teams must be different in color so that an athlete’s affiliation can be easily identified.

Kabaddi betting review has evolved with Indian culture and is inextricably linked to it. This is evidenced, in particular, by the role of breathing in the game. It is the ability to control one’s breathing that determines how successful an athlete will be in making a tackle. Therefore, training the breath is given special attention, and for this use pranayama – one of the practices of yoga. Physical condition of players is no less important because they have to engage in forceful contact with each other. The most valuable qualities are strength, agility and speed.

Wrestling is not a particularly dramatic sport Kabaddi betting strategies. Fans are more interested in the knockouts, not the ground fighting, but there are some exceptions. The team game of kabaddi originated in ancient India. The poet of those times Tukaram wrote that the god Krishna played kabaddi in his youth, and the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata reports that Buddha entertained himself in this way. The game is also beloved by Tibetan monks, who consider it an important tool for meditation and testing physical strength.