Online football betting on Parimatch

A lot of people cannot imagine their lives without football and football bet. However, not all of them have enough time to go to a bookmaker’s office every day. For them, football betting over the internet is the best and easiest option.

Remote betting via computer or a modern mobile phone is done at a time convenient for you, and the full electronic version of the line-up will not let you miss any important football events. You can place your bets anywhere – in the underground, on the bus, on your way to work, or even when you are at the stadium.

There are many online football bet sites offering online betting, you can read the reviews of the online betting sites on one of the many online betting forums and find the most trustworthy one. Among the leading online betting sites is Parimatch, which has a lot of educational information, a rich line and responsive customer service.

The main advantage of online football Parimatch betting is the constant access to all the statistical information about the match you are interested in. In only a few minutes you can find out about the upcoming football match almost everything and make a logically correct bet, which is likely to bring you profit.

Deposit/withdrawal can in most cases be done via popular payment systems, or in any other convenient way, including debit and credit cards VISA, MasterCard, etc.

New players don’t always trust money transactions at an online betting shop, but their worries are completely unfounded. Any decent office will never cheat its players. All online wallets and accounts are secure, just like a player’s personal account at a betting shop. Your money simply cannot get lost or disappear anywhere.

Parimatch Online football betting is always exciting, interesting and, most importantly, can bring real profits. After all, it is no secret that for a large number of players, an excellent knowledge of football brings daily profits thanks to competent betting on the right event.

All betting on the internet is quite simple. All you need to do is to log into your online bookmaker’s account, make a deposit of the required amount and study the line-up offered, using the latest statistics to make your choice.

After waiting for the successful completion of the event, you can immediately withdraw your money in a convenient way, or send them to the game in order to get even bigger winnings. By using the internet, players can find out all about upcoming football matches and win big money on a regular basis. Pari match Football is the most popular sport today. Naturally, it is the one that bettors will bet on most often. Parimatch bookmaker office offers its customers the widest coverage on football betting.

The first question players are interested in is what to bet on. Bookmaker’s office Parimatch gives the opportunity to bet on almost any professional game in the world. The lineup includes matches of major European championships and the Champions League to small regional and local tournaments.

What football events can you bet on Parimatch?

As already said, there are a lot of football events you can bet on. But there are popular betting options.

The outcomes

The most popular type of betting is on the outcome (especially for beginners). It is easier for beginners to bet on a team to win than to understand totals and handicaps.

Outcome bets imply the result of the match in regulation time. For example, if you bet on Team 1 to win, and they only win in extra time, you lose the bet, as the regular time was tied.


The more experienced punters often bet on handicaps. A handicap represents the allowable lead or deficit of one of the teams at the end of the match.

A handicap is the advantage of one of the teams, which is given as a number by the bank. Positive handicaps are used for underdogs and negative handicaps for clear favourites. A handicap (-2) on the first team means that before the match starts the team loses by two goals. The home team must gain a handicap first in order for the bet to be played.

A handicap (2.5) on the second team means that before the match it has conventionally won with a score of 0-2.5. For the match to be a losing handicap the host team must finish the match with at least 3 goals.


Regular and Asian totals. You bet on the number of goals, pucks, points and other stats. You can choose to bet on a total higher or total less than a set value. For example, a TB 2.5 goal total is a bet on three or more goals in a match.

It is advisable to bet on the total when attacking or conversely defensive teams meet each other.

A double chance

Is a betting option in a bookmaker’s office for sports events with three possible outcomes: a win for one of the teams or a draw.

Live football betting Parimatch

Parimatch is one of the top bookmakers who allow you to bet on different events in real time. With the help of video broadcasts, users can follow the course of the match, and the convenient functionality of the website allows you to record changes in odds to catch the most profitable of them. This has made Parimatch live betting quite popular among bettors, who love the office for its quick settlement and attractive odds.

Parimatch live betting allows you to concentrate more on analysing a particular match. This is due to the fact that the user can not bet in advance, but look at the state of the teams and the current game scenario. Based on this data, he can make the most profitable bet in Parimatch Live.

The most popular sports in Parimatch live are football, hockey, basketball and tennis.

Football is traditionally the most widely represented sport in Parimatch live betting. Users can bet in Parimatch live betting on both the top tournaments, as well as on the matches between the teams of the lower echelons. Often there are youth leagues on which you can practice your analytical skills, as games in such competitions are usually less intense.

Parimatch live users can find games that have already started and those that are about to start. The size of the spread depends on the specific competition (influenced by the status of the championship and the resonance of a particular match). If you take into account the smorgasbord, the bettors usually have no more than 30 selections of outcomes. By the end of the match, the spread becomes even smaller, as the bookmaker prefers not to keep them until the end of the meeting.

The odds of an event presented in the Parimatch live section depend on how popular the event and the sport itself are among bettors.

For football, the margin is no more than 3% (but only for the top leagues).

Parimatch bookmaker’s office has all the necessary functionality for in-play betting. Due to the fact that a large number of different outcomes are available on the website, every bettor will be able to find a suitable option for betting. The office provides handy functionality to analyse the matches and search for the best odds, so the players will always win if they take the right approach.

Football betting tips and odds on Parimatch

Most of us have been watching football for a long time. Of course, no one ever guarantees a hundred percent guessing of events in this sport, however, if you try to consider a number of patterns, you can successfully make football betting sites.

The underdog scores first at the start of the match

As a rule, most underdogs will score early in the game and then the initiative will go to the stronger team to equalise and often win the match. Especially when the favourites play at home.

The earlier the underdogs manage to score, the higher the chances are that the clear favourite will win the match. The principle works in about 80 per cent of cases. Of course, if you are aware of the latest news about the team and try to read the sporting announcements, the probability increases, which can help you make a good sports bet.

Score after the first half

In about a third of football matches the score after the first half is 0-0. If you prefer to bet on total, try to select the match carefully and bet on the total less in the first half, and for the second half bet on the total more, which usually gives good results.

In order to select the right match to bet on, you need to read the news feeds and sports announcements. Statistically, the main football events unfold in the second half. Use this recommendation when betting in live mode.

Player sent off

  • Late sending off

If a team is leading and then one of its players is sent off, say in the 75th minute or later, this is a good time to bet on total less, as the team leading the score will try to pay more attention to protecting its own goal. There is little time left in the game and the likelihood of another goal being scored is even further reduced. If this is the case, keep an eye on the football match and try to place live bets as the match progresses.

  • Early suspension

Regardless of the score, if a player is sent off early in the game (within the first 15 minutes) then the opposing team will score at least one goal in the game, because the players of the first team will tire at some point. This happens more often if a player from the losing team is sent off.

However, this will rarely happen if a player from the dominant team is sent off.

The odds at Parimatch are good. The average margin is 6-7% in pre-match. Like most other bookmakers, the lowest margin is offered for bets on top football tournaments – 4-5%. However, shortly before the starting whistle the margin percentage drops to 2%. Other top-20 European championships are margined at 5.5%. The unpopular tournaments will be given up to 8%.

Tip: it is better to bet on football in Parimatch before the start of the match as the bookmaker raises the odds closer to the beginning of football matches.

The bookmaker is inferior to many competitors in terms of odds, but thanks to the “Order odds” service and the “Express Plus” line, it deserves high marks for its odds.

Order odds is a feature that allows each customer to order their own odds, which can be 10% higher than those shown in the line. The service is available for bets starting from 1000 dollars. The decision on each application is made individually.

Express Plus is a special line with higher odds for express bets. Only parlays of at least three events can be bet on this line.

How to bet on football on Parimatch?

In order to place a bet, you will have to move to the vertical menu on the left. Click on the desired sport to see the tournaments available. If the bettor clicks on a tournament, he will see all the variants offered. By clicking on the desired match, the player will see the full spread. Here, the bettor should decide on his/her options. After that the bettor should click on the odds. Then the bet will be reflected in the betting slip. If there is a wish to make a bet “Express”, several events are selected in the same way. The player will see the total odds in the coupon.

At PariMatch the player can bet on the following types of bets: single (classic bet), express (outcome of several events), system (some combination of expresses), live (betting in real time when the match is on).

When a bettor clicks on “Place a bet”, it means that he has already placed a bet and his account will be debited. Talking about the settlement of bets, it takes place after the result is known. The player can also view all his bets under