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Soccer betting is popular among all players with even a superficial relation to betting. This sport has the most matches, the line of betting companies always has the largest number of events defined for soccer competitions. Despite the football free betting to information to analyze soccer tournaments, many players continue to make regular mistakes and lose their money on bets.

How to register in a bookmaker’s office

To register at a bookmaker’s office, go to the betting site football and fill in the “Registration” form with your phone number and e-mail address. Confirm the number with the code from the SMS. That`s all, you are registered! You have a game account. But to make bets, you must be identified.

How to pass identification in a bookmaker’s office

Verification or identification is a legal requirement. It is necessary to prove to the bookmaker that you are 18 years old: only adults may place bets. In addition, the shops allow only one account per person.

You will be offered to identify yourself immediately after registration. You can do it from the comfort of your own home! Just upload your passport photos: the first page and with the propiska. BK is responsible for the safety of your personal data, so there is nothing to worry about. Within half an hour, or at a convenient time for you, an employee of the betting company will call by video link and perform online identification. During the conversation, you will also need to show your passport.

How to bet on sports online

You can make online betting football on the official website of the betting company or in a mobile application. The app contains everything: bets before and during the match, results, event search, video broadcasts, betting history and chat with support.

Right in the football betting app you can register and get identified. After that you will get a freebet, just like after registration through the website, and immediately after the first deposit you will get a bonus as a new customer.

What can you bet on

There is a huge number of different events in the soccer betting list. About 1000 different marquees can be found on the top matches.

Outcome. This is a bet on the results of the match after the main time. This includes not only the P1-X-P2 lineup – double odds are also added: the outcomes 1X, 12 and X2. Bookmakers usually offer the highest odds and the lowest margins for betting on the outcome of the match. Other exclusive types of predictions are also connected to the outcome of the meeting: for example, a will win, a win with a dry score, a win and a total, a win and both score and other express outcomes.

Total. The most popular market. It is a bet on the quantitative expression of the performance index. In a general sense, it is a bet on the number of goals, but in soccer you can count not only scoring goals: yellow cards, corners, etc. The player is football betting offer from two options – more or less. The bookmaker puts a certain value in the spread, the bettor evaluates the market and makes a bet – total more or total less. Also in the replenishment there are individual totals – the performance specifically for each team.

Handicap. Betting on the gap in the score between the teams. Like total, handicaps can be in goals or statistical indicators. In the line bookmakers put the main handicap, and in the spread there are additional marks. There is also a zero handicap, which insures the outcome on the victory of the team.

Exact score. When betting on this layout, the bettor tries to guess the exact number of goals scored in the match by both teams. On such events, the odds are always high, since it is extremely difficult to analyze and guess the score.

Bets on statistics. It includes separate listings for corners, yellow cards, offsides, shots on goal, penalties, fouls, touchdowns, etc. There are standard margins – handicap, total and outcome.


Peculiarities of betting on soccer matches

Soccer is a game between two teams that lasts in the format of two halves of 45 minutes each. It is one of the most unpredictable sports, which makes it difficult for bettors to determine the best betting market. One of the main traits of success in soccer betting is analytics and making a faithful analysis of each game.

Soccer betting can be done in pre-match and in play. Often players make the mistake of live football betting on a match long before it starts, such as a day or earlier. At these moments, it is possible to catch good odds on a bet that has been analyzed in advance. But before the start of the game force majeure can happen – injuries of leading players, sharp changes in weather conditions, which will entail a change in the situation before the game and will affect the accuracy of the bet selected in advance.

It is therefore advisable to make a bet a few minutes before the starting whistle – in these minutes the line-ups of the teams are already known, surprises usually do not happen. It is also possible to react to the events in play mode, for example, when a penalty occurs in one team: a great sign to bet on the victory of the opponent with a draw or a goal of the team remaining on the power play.

Game analysis

The analysis of the game does not depend on the bettor’s betting preferences before the procedure. For example, if you often bet on totals, and laying on performance as a basis for a prediction would be a mistake. There should be no bias or preference in soccer betting if a player is going to secure long term profits.

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The pluses of soccer betting include:

  • Excellent conditions for analysis – a lot of open services with statistics;
  • The widest coverage;
  • Excellent margin on the outcome of matches;
  • Plenty of promotions and bonuses related to soccer tournaments;
  • Daily opportunity to bet in large quantities because of the many tournaments around the planet.

Top tips for beginners in sports betting

The fun part is making your first bet. Here are football betting tips to help every beginner avoid the most common mistakes when starting a betting game:

Determine your betting pot. Choose an amount you are willing to risk and stay within that limit. The bank can be determined for a month. The amount should be such that losing it will not cause you problems. Betting your last money or bank savings can not categorically!

Do not bet on everything. Try to analyze each event you select for betting. Trying to get really lucky over and over again is a good way to quickly lose your bankroll. Approach your betting wisely.

Listen to sports forecasts from experts, but make your own choices. Top experts usually know what they are predicting. But you shouldn’t blindly copy their predictions. Everyone makes mistakes. Compare the different opinions about the same match – and choose for yourself.

Do not try to win back. If the bet is not played, do not immediately get even. Take a pause. Then continue to play with the same amounts you played before. Trying to win back right away will inevitably lead to the loss of the bank, because it is associated with increased stakes and emotions.

Now you are ready to bet on sports online.



You can start bitcoin football betting soccer bets with the strategy of catch-up betting. It is good because it is versatile: you can bet in soccer and on the exact score, and on the victory of one of the teams, and on the number of goals scored. Other types of soccer betting can also be adapted to the exact score.

It is impossible to bet correctly on soccer and win one hundred percent – mistakes on the way to profit will follow even the most experienced players. But these blunders can be minimized through proper analytics and choosing the right financial and football betting strategies. If you reinforce such a gaming foundation by cooperating with a bookmaker providing the best betting conditions – the game will become more productive and will bring its fruits in the form of regular profits.