Parimatch Cash Back Rewards

Credit card holders are familiar with the term ‘cashback’, and most would agree that giving back a portion of the cash back is a good way to encourage customers to make the most of their credit cards. Parimatch Cashback bonuses work on a similar principle, with online casinos offering customers a percentage of the money they lost while playing.

For example, if a player at an online casino wagered a certain amount during a calendar month and didn’t win anything, he will receive a certain percentage of that amount at the end of the month. Parimatch Cashback bonuses allow players to enjoy the game, and be assured that they will receive a percentage of their losses back.

It is important to understand that cashback is not just a way to get rich or make money from online casino games, but also a way to “hedge” your bankroll, as well as help it recover a bit in case of losses. Getting cashback is always nice, especially when you get it automatically and without vagering conditions. If you’ve played at an online casino before, you should know how nice it is when after a bad gaming session/week you get a certain percentage of funds back to your account.

As you can see from the definition itself, these bonuses are designed to increase your playing time, so they are ideal for those who have no intention of making casino deposits too often, but would like to stretch out their game and bankroll allocation for a longer period of time.

Like many other customer-attraction “tricks”, rebate bonuses came online from land-based casinos. This is not surprising, since land-based casinos have been around for centuries, and the online gambling industry is only a few decades old. In land-based casinos, rewards to players are presented in the form of special points, which users can spend on food, upgrades and accommodation, etc.

The amount of the cashback depends directly on the player’s gaming activity within a pre-determined time frame. In other words, a player does not need to make a deposit to get a certain percentage of money back, since the deposit was made earlier, but his balance is credited with a certain amount of money depending on how much he lost and/or how much he wagered in total over a certain period of time. This is in contrast to other bonuses such as welcome bonuses, reloads, no deposit bonuses and the like which a player must subsequently wager.

What exactly is a cashback bonus?

Unlike Welcome Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses, Loyalty Bonuses, and Reload Bonuses, Cash Back Rewards are based on earning back bets that have been placed in the past. This means that players do not need to make a deposit to get their Parimatch cashback bonus. However, they may have to meet a number of conditions, which may include making a deposit.

Simply put, a cashback bonus is a percentage of the amount of money players have lost while playing for real money at an online casino over a certain period of time. The casino usually returns the cash back after losing a certain amount.

The cashback bonus offered is a way for online casinos to keep smiles on the faces of players who have lost money, and to encourage them to keep playing at the casino.

Online casinos, however, offer different types of cashback bonuses. Some of them offer weekly cashback bonuses, while others offer cashback monthly bonuses.
In some casinos, cashback bonuses are only available for VIP players and not for all players, while in some other casinos all players can take advantage of cashback offers.
Sometimes, cashback bonuses are offered as part of promotions or only during the holiday season.

Cash back can be awarded according to different methods:

  • depending on the deposit made. A kind of counterpart to the replenishment bonus, the only difference being that the total replenishment of the account for a certain period is taken into account. For example, we offer a cashback of 10% of the deposits made in a month;
  • Depending on the turnover, that is, the more you play, the more compensation you will receive at the end of a week or month. Conveniently, the compensation will be credited regardless of how you played, if luck is turned away from you, you will still receive a cashback. The percentage is usually small, up to 5-7%.

Alternatively, instead of charging a direct amount based on turnover, bonus points can be given. These can then be converted into cash at the casino’s internal exchange rate.

How do I get a cashback bonus?

As a general rule, only deposits that did not receive a cashback bonus (first deposit, reloads, etc) will be taken into consideration when cashback is calculated.

Parameters of cashback bonuses:

  • The maximum and minimum percentage of refunds that users will be able to get is set by the administration of virtual gambling clubs. As a rule, their size ranges from 5 to 30%;
  • Also, the format may vary, and enrollment rewards: it can be issued either in the form of bonus money, which should be used exclusively for the game, or in cash, which, as a rule, the user can use at their discretion;
  • As a rule, each casino determines in advance the calculation period of the cashback bonus due to players (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.);
  • Online casinos may limit the games in which losses go into consideration rebates. Occasionally, there are temporary promotions when cashback is given for playing a particular slot machine. This is done in order to stimulate users’ interest in certain games (at the expense of lower risks).
  • As a rule, a minimum and maximum value of the cashback that each user can receive is also set. Information about the maximum amount of this bonus is usually found in the terms and conditions on the official websites of the gambling operators.

CashBack allows players to reduce the risk of gambling, because if they lose a certain percentage of the money will come back. If luck was not on your side last time, the cashback bonus will give you another chance to try it out.

In some cases, cashback bonuses are also built into the online casino’s loyalty program, allowing you to redeem points for cash back every time you place a bet. You should also pay attention to the conditions for wagering bonuses: some give them without vager conditions, and someone asks wagering c vager of different sizes. All online casinos set certain rules and conditions for receipt / wagering absolutely all bonuses. We urge you to familiarize yourself with them before you start playing for real money (in order to prevent confusion and misunderstandings).

Next, you must choose the online casino, which provides such bonuses in principle. Farther to find the terms and conditions of cashback bonuses at the casino and c read them, since all there are certain conditions. Thus, some casinos require users to confirm their intention to get a cashback bonus, so the player must make a confirmation of their intention to use it, although in most cases, bonuses are given automatically.

What are the rules on cashback bonuses?

The calculation is based on the “net” amount in the player’s account without taking into account additional bonuses that may be credited for the first deposit, etc. The institution itself determines the percentage of rebates. The most common choices are 5, 10, 25, 30%.

Cashback may be credited in the form of points, which may later be exchanged for real money. If, under the terms of the casino cashback is credited only to the bonus account, the funds received in the future may be used exclusively for betting. They cannot be cashed out. If the institution adds cashback to the deposit, the user may dispose of the money at his discretion.

The timing of bonus calculation and crediting also depends on the conditions of the casino. Users can receive cashback every day, at the end of the week or once a month. The casino sets the rules by which the bonus applies either to all games or to individual games. This is done to maintain interest in certain games. In such cases, the insurance bonus compensates for the high risks.

Each of the bonus crediting formats has its advantages and disadvantages, but participation in risk insurance programmes is always beneficial. You need to choose your playground carefully. Not all casinos have cashback programs. In addition, some institutions insurance bonuses need to wager c wager. There are also games that rarely offer cashback, such as Blackjack. These are important points, and it is worth taking the time to study the rules in order to understand to what extent you can insure your money.

Another nuance is the need for verification. Usually cashback is credited automatically, but there are establishments where you can only see the bonuses if you confirm your desire to participate in the programme in advance.

There are a few common conditions for cashback. Most commonly, casinos offer a 10% refund on a deposit. There is usually a limit on the amount: the minimum is 10 denominations and the maximum is 250. To participate in the loyalty program, you need to make a request. The funds will be credited automatically on a certain day of the week and will not have to be wagered.

A bonus can also be given in case of a player’s account being zeroed out and expressed in the form of a certain number of freespins. Such cashback is only valid once per deposit. It can only be used by authorized users. Funds are refunded in about 10% of cases, and the amount can be up to 25% of the amount lost. A lot depends on luck here, but in case of luck, the player regains part of his account.


In the form of a cashback, the casino thanks its users for playing on its website. If you meet certain conditions, you can compensate up to 25% of your lost money. The idea itself is not new, similar programs exist in many banks and are used in land-based gambling establishments. Such bonuses allow you to spend money with pleasure and provide some insurance in case you lose.

Refund bonuses are among the most lucrative types of rewards, so you should always investigate the loyalty programs and pay special attention to cashback types when choosing a casino. Automatic bonuses with no wager conditions are particularly attractive to many people, as they make them feel much better after losing a game.