PariMatch Online-Betting Platform in Vietnam

Bookmaker’s office “PariMatch” began its activities in 1996, today it is one of the most popular and profitable betting platforms. The company has a license, which allows it to operate legally.

PariMatch logo
PariMatch – the best platform for betting

The official website of PariMatch attracts a simple and clear interface, as well as a wide range of events. The popular online casino offers more than 200 games. The high odds in PariMatch, which are formed by the players’ possibilities, should be noted separately.

Today, Parimatch is one of the most secure sports betting companies in the world. It is a member of the Commission on Integrity in E-Sports (ESIC). Actively invests in Vietnam sports within the Parimatch Foundation. But before making the first bets, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the restrictions set by PariMatch casino in Vietnam.

The presence of a license from the bookmaker protects the player from the arbitrariness of the site. If the bettor considers any actions of the administration to be unlawful, he can report it to the supervisory authority, arguing each claim. The situation will be resolved with a positive result for the player, if the allegations are true, substantiated.


Users choose PariMatch for the favorable conditions of the game:

  • high odds;
  • a wide variety of bets;
  • welcome rewards for new players;
  • regular promotions;
  • convenient mobile app;
  • responsive support team.

To make bets on matches in the office “PariMatch” bettors must necessarily undergo registration, verification. After confirming their identity, players will be able to withdraw the won funds to the bank account.

Name PariMatch
Legal address Schout Bij Nacht Doormanweg 40, Curacao
Legal name of company Pari-Match N.V.
E-mail: [email protected]
Country of license Curacao
Number of license 122693
Official web-site

Every day a huge number of people around the world place bets – whether in a bookmaker’s club or online. But not many people get a decent income from betting. This is due to several typical mistakes of novice players, who step on the same rake. Only those who choose the right strategy, distribute the bank, and know-how to control their emotions become professionals.

Choose a bookmaker

The first step of any beginning player is to choose a bookmaker. This is an important step because the right bookmaker is the key to a successful long game. The site should be convenient because sometimes you need to have time to make a bet in a few seconds. The bookmaker must be reliable, as it affects the limits and the actual payout of winnings. You can read more about it in the article “How to choose a bookmaker and not to “get burned”.


After choosing a bookmaker, novice players immediately rush to make a deposit and guess the events. This is a serious mistake. Most likely, the bank will be empty very quickly. When you have selected a bookie, it is better not to rush, and try to play pretend. Take a piece of paper and play on it. Fix all the events, odds, and amounts you would like to choose on a real site. This way you can test your hypotheses, your analytical skills and calculate your betting amounts without using real money. Look at the result in a month or two. If you’re in the black on the sheet and there’s a positive trend, you can switch to real money: the probability that you’ll win is higher. Such training will save money and nerves, as well as allow you to try out different strategies.


Distribute the Pot

Once the decision to switch to real money is made, you need to determine the amount you are willing to risk. Earning on bets cannot be guaranteed, so you have to be mentally prepared to part with the invested funds. Under no circumstances should you bet your last money in the hope of a quick win. In the case of a single big loss or a series of bad bets, there may be a desire to enter more money to win back. This desire should not be indulged. It is necessary to wait until the next month and start from scratch, forgetting about previous losses.

The most frequent and usually fatal mistake in working with the bank is betting all in. Such bets are made mainly on emotions and counting on luck. And luck is one of the last factors of success in betting.

A man being happy to win the bet
PariMatch – your chance to win!

Decide on the strategy

It is necessary to choose a betting strategy. Chaotic bets, which are not connected with any general logic, as a rule, go to the profit of the bookmaker’s office. There are different betting strategies for beginners. All of them emphasize competent management of the bank and the sequence of bets. Any strategy can be chosen. The main thing is to stick to the chosen direction. Some strategies work only when used for a long time and on a large number of bets. Frequent change of strategies can not only not improve the situation, but also significantly reduce the bank.

In online betting, it is better not to spread yourself thin, and choose one or two sports. It makes no sense to bet on tennis or soccer if you are an expert in volleyball. Stop on what you are sure of, so you will win more often.

Betting secrets or how to beat the bookie?

Analyze the events

The outcome of the vast majority of sporting events is not random. Sometimes it seems strange that the favorite did not win or that the outsider broke a draw. But in fact, the result is logical. If you look at the statistics of home games of the outsider, away games of the favorite, the list of injured and disqualified players, their lineup for the game, everything immediately falls into place. An in-depth and comprehensive analysis will allow you to see more than just the team name and odds. You will have your own expert opinion, which is more reliable than any prediction.

At first glance, it seems tedious and complicated: after all, you will have to spend a lot of time studying statistics and watching broadcasts. You don’t have to cover everything at once. Start small and try to follow one team, then another. After a while, you will almost certainly be guessing the outcomes of league games. This is true not only in soccer betting. On volleyball, hockey, or tennis, you can collect the same analytics.

Bet for sure

There is a misconception that you have to guess the outcome of the match to win at the bookie. This is not the case. Bookmakers offer lines with a huge number of outcomes. You can bet on the number of corners, goals scored, yellow cards, possession percentage, match penalties, or penalties. If you do not know who will win, but you are sure that there will be goals scored, it makes sense to bet on a total of more than 0.5. If at least someone scores in this match, you win.

It seems that these odds are for professionals. In fact, they are odds for observant and rational players. Betting strategies for beginners for some reason are silent about this approach. However, it allows you to bet with a higher probability of success, and the odds are often higher than on the outcome of the entire match.

Make a Parlay

The easiest way to increase your winnings is to increase the number of events in a single bet. The bookmaker believes that the probability of success in several bets at once is lower, so he will multiply the odds within a Parlay with each other. Thus, you’ll get a higher odds on the even. For example, a bettor might give odds of 1.7 if more than two goals are scored in one match; and odds of 1.5 if a goal is scored in the first half in another match. If you take these events in an express, the total odds will be 2.55.

So if you are sure of the outcome of several events at once, it is better to take them in an expression. It is important not to overestimate your options. The optimal number of events in a Parlay is two or three. The probability of failure increases only slightly, but the odds are not so bad.

A ball in the football goals
Best opportunities with PariMatch

Pay attention to detail

There are no minutiae in sport. Be sure to follow the related news. Coach dismissal, plane delay, heavy rain during the match, financial debt to the players, busy schedule, scandal in the press – it all can affect the outcome of a sporting event. This should not be overlooked.


Don’t give in to emotions

This seems like obvious advice. But for some reason, the vast majority of gamblers suffer just because of excessive emotion. Develop for yourself a course of action in case something went wrong, write it down on paper, and follow it every time. The same is true for situations of sudden success. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

Account registration and activation

In Parimatch, registration involves filling out a form. In it the following data should be specified:

date of birth;
cell phone number;
email address;
After sending the form, you will receive an SMS with a code to confirm your registration. You will need to specify it in the form on the site. Then there will be an automatic authorization under the created account. Registration in Parimatch is complete. Log in to your account by username and password.

How to deposit account?

To replenish your account at the casino and bookmaker's office Parimatch you can use:

LiteCoin cryptocurrency
Tether cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin
Ethereum (Ether) cryptocurrency

Withdrawal of funds

After registering and confirming the identity, the player gets access to sports betting and financial transactions on the official Parimatch website, including withdrawing the winnings. To withdraw money, if your bets are played, go through the authorization on the site and visit the "Deposit / Withdrawal of Funds" section.

Bonuses and special offers

Bookmaker office offers a welcome bonus for new customers in the amount of 100% of the first deposit up to $140. To get the bonus you need: Register on the site of Parimatch betting company and activate the bonus. Make a deposit of $2 or more within 7 days from the moment of registration.

Casino and additional services

Betting on virtual tennis must have a basis. How can they be done without games? This is where the bettor begins to understand what virtual tennis is. This is a created reality in the computer, which is controlled by the system or the player himself. Virtual tennis can be different, as well as other types of this niche. The final choice of mode is up to the bettor.

Mobile app

If you intend to use the application of the legal office "Parimatch", then you do not need ways to bypass the blocking. You only need mirrors to enter the site of the offshore version of Parimatch and then download the program. Details about mirrors for this company can be found here.

Access to account and security

Bookmaker's apps today fully replicate the functionality of the main site. So the Parimatch app for smartphones has a support section.

It is located in the main menu and also contains the hotline number and e-mail address.

Replacement / deletion of game account data

Deleting a Parimatch account gives you an almost 100% guarantee that you won't be able to get an account again. So, if you've come to this decision because of ludamania, deleting your account will solve your problem.

Account confirmation

Ways of verification
Bookmaker's office "Paramatch" provides players with two online ways of identification:

internal - takes place on the official website of the bookmaker through uploading photos of the passport and the player himself;

external - through a confirmed account on the portal "State Services".

System calculator

It is necessary to set the odds for both outcomes and specify the total bet amount. The calculator will show the amount of money on each shoulder and the profit in percentage and absolute values. The algorithm allows switching between two and three outcomes.